as a Service

Es Solo’s Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) offering is based on the delivery of an integrated financial technology (FinTech) ecosystem that boasts industry-leading levels of client customizability and evolution. The offering includes products and services that deliver digital identity and compliance processing capabilities, card/mobile wallet issuing, transaction acquiring, transaction monitoring, remittances and business intelligence and analytics. While other FinTech entities provide targeted solutions for specific client needs, Es Solo’s IaaS platform goes further, not only delivering the tools that clients currently need but also unlocking new global opportunities for Es Solo clients, creating entirely new profit centers.

Es Solo’s IaaS platform is comprised of five main components:

Program Management

ES SOLO provides a full-service financial disbursement platform to clients through which clients can launch prepaid card and mobile wallet programs to their own customers. ES SOLO’s financial disbursement platform incorporates all aspects of program implementation, including:

Card design, manufacturing, delivery and activation

Mobile wallet design, integration, optimization and maintenance

Card issuing BIN acquisition, deployment, monitoring and support

Transaction processing and settlement

Desktop and mobile front-end software (program management, agency banking tools and end-user interfaces)

Major card network integration (Visa, Mastercard, UnionPay and Discover)

Full-service Know-Your-Client (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) tools, including bulk or individual customer onboarding and ongoing KYC/AML monitoring and reporting

Bank Partnerships

Both local and international businesses and organizations seeking to disburse funds face the reality that different banks have different appetites, risk profiles and areas of specialization. A financial disbursement initiative might be accepted by one bank in one geography and be rejected in another. Es Solo’s extensive network of banking partners around the globe gives it the ability to offer a wide variety of banking solutions, ensuring that Es Solo’s clients can launch a financial program while providing the best solution possible both in terms of operability and value.

Processor Partnerships

Es Solo has created its Mobile Switch Integrated Architecture (MSIA) to afford Es Solo clients with global access to third-party processors (TPPs) and their connected networks of sponsored banks and FIs. The different areas of expertise that these TPPs possess, along with the financial profiles of the integrated FIs, allow Es Solo to not only tailor the suite of products that it offers to its clients but also to tailor the processors, banks and geographies where transactions are processed.

Network Partnerships

In certain markets, one particular network might offer incentives that may decrease the cost of program deployment and increase overall profitability. However, another network may have higher penetration in the market, making the program more useful to customers. Through its sponsor banks and FIs, Es Solo provides issuing and acquiring products and services on all major card networks, including Mastercard, Visa, UnionPay International, American Express and Discover. This network flexibility allows Es Solo clients to choose a network based on their specific preferences and program goals.

Digital Identity & Compliance

Supporting all the aforementioned components is Nestor, Es Solo’s proprietary suite of digital identity and compliance technologies. Nestor can create digital identities for large, currently unbanked populations so that Es Solo’s clients are able—for the first time—to deliver their products to these new financial community members on an integrated FinTech platform that can adapt with the client to offer not only the products that the client currently wants to offer but also any new product it plans for the future. Because the products are all delivered within Es Solo’s versatile IaaS platform, future products will always remain compatible with existing products. As a result, Es Solo’s clients will never lose customers due to a breakdown in interoperability or an evolution of technology, given that Es Solo’s infrastructure platform is designed with backward compatibility.