Bringing Profitability to Our Business Partners

Es Solo can supply its TPP and Bank Partner/BIN Sponsor partners with significant volumes of card accounts and card-based transactions from Es Solo’s global portfolio of card program clients.

Es Solo’s card programs consist of high numbers of cardholders that are transacting with their cards at a rate of 20 transactions per card per month.

Es Solo Deliverables to its Banking and Processing Partners

• Credible large corporates for prepaid programs
• Commercial structuring with corporate customers and issuer banks
• BIN purchase from selected scheme for each program
• Es Solo platform KYC & Know-Your-Business (KYB) capabilities
• Client management and reporting
• Cardholder Portal & Mobile Wallet
• BI Reporting to Issuer & Client
• 24x7 Fraud Monitoring
• 24x7 Call Centre Support
• Exponential Program Growth

Bank Partner/BIN Sponsor Benefits

• Growth in issuance volumes
• Growth in revenues from card transactions and interchange
• Growth in float income by holding deposits
• Regional issuance capability

TPP Benefits

• Retain issuing customers by introducing large volume programs
• Beat competitors by helping Issuers grow issuance volumes
• Increased TPP transactions and card hosting, resulting in revenue streams from issuer to TPP
• Growth in transactional volumes on platform
• Growth in revenues from increased transactional volumes